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Janet is one hot chic that bucks the stereotypical notion of a university graduate. She might be smart, but that does not mean she has a clue what she wants to do with her life. However, she did realize that she was stunningly hot. So, she was smart enough to realize that she could be an escort girl that put that fact to work for her. When she was at university, guys drooled over her. She would walk by and giggle at the instant hard-ons that appeared all around her. She knew that she could have any hunk that she wanted. This got her into some of the hottest clubs in the city. When she was there, Janet would instantly become the escort girl in Kuala Lumpur that every guy dreamed of. It would quite common for local athletes to get her number so that they could later get into her pants. Needless to say, she was loving life. At the time, Janet lived with a chick who became an escort girl in Malaysia. Since Janet love sex and loved to party, she figured that might be the life for her. At first, she resisted, but then realized one day that her bank balance was getting quite thin. Knowing that her roommate always seemed to have extra money to buy the things that young ladies desired the most, she decided to give it a go. Have a dude next door who knew how to do anything online, she took advantage of him and had an escort girl website online in no time at. She just knew that she would become one of the more popular KL escorts in no time. Having such a wild outlook on life, she created a fun website that guys instantly fell for. Thinking over what she wanted to be known for, she quickly drew upon her fashion degree. It was at that point that she decided she would become an escort girl who was known for wearing various types of uniforms. One of her most popular getups became a Maid. The escort would hire herself out to show up dressed as the most gorgeous English Maid that the guys had ever seen. Needless to say, it took off like crazy. She was fucking guys like crazy and getting paid for it. Rich guys would also take her out on the town and buy her just about anything heart desired, all because she would show up as a maid. Life couldn’t really get ny better for Janet. 

Janet discovered one day that she had grown bored with being an escort girl. She had enough money saved up, so she took a job at a local bar to keep the fun flowing. The escort girl drank too much, but that was okay because this was her life and she was going to live it to the fullest. Get some alcohol in Janet and she would become a horny slut, no matter who was around her. While she did not consider herself a bisexual, she sure did have some fun playing around with her friends and their big tits and wet pussies. The fun they had would make even the wildest of chics blush. She loved using sex toys and having a dildo pulsating in and out of her by her girlfriends. On more than once occasion, they would be too horny at a club to wait until they go home. To get their satisfaction, they would end up fucking each other right there in the toilets. She loved that dildo working her way into her pussy, and she would always return the favor.

Eventually, whichever girl she was fucking would cum with her at the same time in sheer ecstasy. They would put their clothes on and go back to their drinks at the bar like nothing ever happened. One day some hot guys were in the bar and were obviously interested. As a former KL escort girl, Janet was not shy. She went right up to them and invited them to her place so that they could fuck her crazy to the point that their dicks would be sore for weeks. With her girlfriend in tow, the foursome took off for what was sure to be an orgy for the ages. They almost couldn’t wait, as they were all over each other right there in the car. That must have been quite the scene. 

Back at the fuck pad, the fun immediately began. Not that they needed more, but the alcohol came out and games would commence. Remembering her days as an escort girl, Janet went to her room to put on her English maid’s uniform. She still looked gorgeous in it, making other Kuala Lumpur escorts willy jealous. Her friend and Janet decided to play a sucking dick game where the first person to get their guy’s cock to explode with sticky cum would win. The key was they had to spit it into a shot glass. Whoever lost would then be drinking that warm jizz. Needless to say, this got the guys horny and rock hard from the beginning. Kuala Lumpur escorts would love this stuff. Janet’s guy had an amazing 10-inch dick, making it a chore to get him down her throat. She was a pro, though, so she made the guy more than happy. It helped that Janet’s big tits were bobbling right there in front of him to play with. The groans that this guy was letting out would have made the neighbors down the street wake up and instantly become horny.

Janet’s friend did not want to lose, so she was going to work on the cock in front of her as well. Lubing it seemed to help and she got that cock deep down her throat. She could just feel the cock pulsating in her mouth getting ready to explode. Eventually, the guy could no longer hold it and his jazz came flying out in her mouth. Into the shot glass it went and Janet won. Her friend would bring her guy to a satisfying conclusion a few moments later. Now there were two shot glasses filled with cum. Not want to be left out, Janet drank it down right along with her friend. That is what a good maid would do after all. Read more stories about sexy escort girls from Kuala Lumpur here.