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Brenda - Kuala Lumpur Escort Girl

Brenda's parents taught her to have courage, faith, and patience.  Her upbringing is the primary reason why she was a successful woman. She decided to catch up on her reading, but her curiosity for a gentleman next door began to get the best of her. Franco, a newcomer in the flat, is a handsome hunk. It’s imperative to point out that Brendo is an attractive woman.  She is a 25-year-old malaysian escort girl with curves and a 33 DD natural cleavage.  With her looks, it’s easy to see why men drool when she walks by.

Franco, a hard-working accountant, decided to venture out into the world.  He wanted to experience different cultures.  So, he landed in Brenda’s neck of the woods. Franco has the looks of a world-class model.  He is 6'10, 210 pounds, and boasts a 32-inch waistline.   Franco was working on a large account when the outbreak happened. This forced him to work at home. It’s important to note that Brenda worked with a group of escorts back in the day.  She was an escort girl.  Brenda enjoyed her time working with other escorts in the past.  She made exceptional income while fulfilling men’s fantasies.  Unlike many other escort girls in Kuala Lumpur, she wanted to pursue her dreams. 

She had dreams of becoming a paralegal.  The call girl also wanted to help the homeless and mentally challenged.  As you can see, some Kuala Lumpur escorts are intelligent.  Brenda was single, but Franco was committed to someone.  Fortunately for Brenda, Franco’s girlfriend was several hours away.  Due to the lock down, she was not able to return home from work.  They spent hours on the phone. The call girl knew this was one golden opportunity that she could not afford to turn down.  After listening to their heated and passionate conversations, Brenda knew Franco was a good lover.  She was tired of playing with her seven inch dildo.  Brenda wanted the real thing! The sexual tension between Brenda and Franco began to rise.  This forced Michelle to halt her plans of buying new batteries for her sex toy.  Her focus shifted on seducing Franco. In the back of her mind, she knew she could have him. 

Was Franco interested in seeing prostitutes in Kuala Lumpur?  Would he be interested in having a hot fling with me?  These were the questions lingering in Brenda’s mind.  It’s fair to say that escort girls have the tendency to entertain certain fantasies when they are attracted to someone. Brenda felt it was time for her to make a move on Franco.  She began wearing tight skirts, short tops, and seductive jean shorts around the flat.  The call girl noticed that Franco’s cock would rise to the occasion when she walked by. Brenda came up with a bright idea.  Instead of masturbating with the music loud, she would turn down the music while playing with her dildo.  She knew Franco would hear her moaning and groaning.  It’s fair to say that Franco would be turned on by her actions. These escort girl took things to another level one night.  She plunged the dildo deep inside her pussy.  She screamed with pure ecstasy.  Franco was watching television, but Brenda’s actions overwhelmed him.

The call girl let off several big screams.  She knew that her orgasm would take place within a few minutes.  Her snatch was wet and ready to explode.  Brenda finally reached her climax.  Malay escorts are notorious for screaming while having an orgasm.  Franco heard Brenda and decided it was time for them to meet.  He jumped out of his chair and ran to Brenda’s front door. When it comes to malaysian escorts, men must take advantage of the moment.  This is the primary reason why Franco made a wise move.  His intuition told him that Brenda wanted him.

Franco knocked on Brenda’s door.  She replied, “I will be there in a second.”  Franco noticed that his cock was hard as a rock.  With a sly grin on his face, he felt this would be his lucky night.  He asked if she was okay.  Brenda stated she was fine.  "I heard screams and I wanted to make sure that you were okay.”  The escort girl laughed and said, “Yes, I’m fine.  I’m just relieving some stress.”  Franco knew Brenda was playing a seductive game with him.  However, he could not resist her looks and charm.  Franco knew he had a girlfriend, but Brenda’s hot body turned him on.  Besides, his girlfriend was working several hundred miles away. 

When she returned from her bedroom, she offered wine to Franco.  He accepted and she poured the wine in his glass.  Being a former escort in Malaysia, Brenda knew how to seduce a man.  It’s important to note that she was getting off to a great start. The conversation was bland at first, but it began to get spicy as time passed.  Brenda asked Franco if he had experience with escort girls.  Franco laughed and replied, “No, not really.  However, I heard prostitutes know how to please men in the bed.”   He also stated that he heard stories about escort girls in Kuala Lumpur.   

The escort girl opened her legs and began plunging her pussy with her rubber toy.  Franco leaned back in the chair and pulled out his dick.  It was rock hard! The thought of having a girlfriend was the last thing on Franco’s mind.  He had a sexy woman in front of him.  It was time for him to blow off some steam. Brenda continued to stick her dildo deep inside her pussy.  He began to moan as he watched Brenda please herself. After three minutes passed by, she began having an orgasm.  Her pussy began to ooze precious love juices down her thighs. Franco complimented her action by shooting off a large load.  His load landed on his shirt and pants. It took a few minutes for the two to settle down.  Once Franco regained his bearings, guilt began to settle in. 

He told Brenda they could never do this again.  She obliged.  The days of working with other escorts were behind her. She was a professional woman with big dreams.  After cleaning himself, he gave Brenda a kiss on her forehead.  He headed towards the front door.  She yelled, “Thanks for a good time!”  He smiled and walked out.  

Did the lock down force these two to have a passionate moment with each other? KL Escorts are well-known for getting what they want. In this instance, Brenda managed to fulfill her sexual desire.  She seduced the sexiest man in her flat.