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Thai girl Sydney

When scrolling through KLGIRLS, I learned that Sydney would be available on Friday. Reaching out was not hard. I sent the email, and we started texting. I liked her because she was available at any time. I was not sure of how long am going to stay on traffic, but she was patient and waited for me. We met at a hotel in Tyson. The reception there was terrific, and I would recommend for anyone looking to have a good time with Kuala Lumpur escorts.

This Thai girl was something else. She was already in her black lingerie when I arrived. So we hugged, but I was too tired and sweaty, so I opted for a quick shower. I found her in bed when I came out ready for what was to happen next. I don’t know if I was imagining things, but I noticed she was not much of a kisser. But that didn’t bother me. I stretched my hand to reach her lovely breasts and started rubbing and sucking them. I could tell that she was enjoying that.

I didn’t waste time, I proceed down and extended my services and so within a shout while she gave a gentle moan indicated she had an orgasm. Now it was my turn. She came on top and gave me the best blowjob. She paid particular attention to the shaft and the balls. This escort girl knew when to slow down and when to get rough. I tried to hold, but the pleasure was too much. The first round I came in her mouth, and she went to spit in the bathroom. She didn’t seem bothered, and when she came back, we decided to take a rest and chat.

She loves to talk. We talked about different subjects. And I had thought that, that was just it, but after a while, she insisted we go for round two. We started with the dirty session then she asked if she could give me a blowjob. My penis was quite off, but this girl from Thai did her magic until it was long and hard. This time I did not let myself cum. Instead, I wore a cover and let her ride me. We switched between different positions until we finished with the doggy style.
One thing about Kuala Lumpur escorts is that they are deep into it and say the right things. We talked some more then I showed and headed to work.