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April - Malay escort in Kuala Lumpur

I'm the type of guy that likes to try a different girl every time I visit Kuala Lumpur Escorts. After visiting April once before, I was set to try someone else (not because I had a bad experience it's just a preference). However, choosing another escort girl turned out to be a bad experience and I was very disappointed. I didn't have nearly as much fun as I had with April which lead me to write this review. In fact, Kuala Lumpur makes it easy to schedule future dates or make arrangements in advance. I was literally counting down the days until we were able to spark up another erotic encounter.

We always schedule our dates at the hotel room as neutral territory. I could feel my senses heighten as I was sitting there waiting on April (she was always on time). As usual, the escort girl was there at the hotel room door not even a minute late. She came in with gorgeous lingerie that had my cock pulsating already. Her tantalizing lingerie was all black with the perfect stiletto heels to match. I was eager to get the business side of things out the way and settled up on my cash obligations. April was a beautiful local Kuala Lumpur Escort girl and I had to be careful to take things slow to avoid exploding my load too soon.

She teased me as I slowly removed her clothes and enjoyed every minute of fingering her tight wet kitty. In no time, we were on the bed and both of us were undressed. Her body smelled amazing and I couldn't wait to go down on her. I asked her would it be alright if I tasted her delicious pussy and she agreed. As if it were even possible, it seemed like she got even wetter as I licked and sucked her to complete satisfaction. She mentioned that she had a cold earlier in the week and didn't want to pass anything to me. Thus, we avoided kissing, but that didn't stop her from sending warm tender kisses down my body. Plus, she said she'd prefer giving me oral sex with a condom this time. She looked at my meat-missle as it grew harder and harder and didn't have a problem inserting it into her mouth. She teased my rock hard muscle with her hands and mouth in a way that I had never experienced before. She was nearly as good as the world-famous Head Doctor (April was sucking me deeper and more intense than our first date). I wanted to finish right then and there, but I held back my cum to see what the rest of the evening would entail. She almost lost control as I went between her thighs another 15-20 minutes. April grabbed the sheets and nearly screamed as I brought her to an orgasm. Women always say; " I have a way with giving oral pleasure." I enjoyed pleasing April until she reached her orgasm too.

It wasn't hard deciding what we would do next, but I simply asked; "what she had in mind next?" It was obviously by the look on her face and the hardness of her nipples that she wanted me inside of her. She started with a wonderful massage to loosen my body up some more. Her profile says; she's experienced with all types of massages. April even slid her soft full breasts down my back and rubbed her nails passionately across my chest. I was ready to jump right into the sex at that very minute. From our last date, April had no problem gripping my hard love muscle and running her juices down to my balls to insight even more pleasure. This encounter seemed to be even better than before, she put me deep inside of her as she sat on top. Her goal was to please me and she definitely was. April rode me aggressively as her waist long hair was rubbing the hot spots in between my thighs. She rode me deeper and harder as every second went by and I loved it.

I was about to release my load, but I wasn't going to do it inside of her. I turned her over and started nailing her from the back. I released my cum on her beautiful buttocks. We cuddled and talked momentarily before I showered and got dressed.

If I had to give any jeer about the evening that I had with April, it would be the date didn't last long enough. Of course, I was being selfish because I received my full hour. I didn't intend to give this lengthy review because April is someone you want to keep for yourself, but I can't wait to spend another hour with her on our next date or maybe the night and wanted people to know about my experience with Kuala Lumpur Escorts. They have some of the best girls I've ever experienced in the escort industry.