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[BLOG] Average looking escorts in Kuala Lumpur

Are posh escorts with plastic surgery not a turn on? You aren’t alone. Maybe you don’t enjoy a girl with fake breasts and lip injections, or one that sports designer hand-bags and requires a tip that is half your pay check. Luckily, there are average looking companions who provide clients with an amazing time, just as amazing as a high-class, drop-dead gorgeous Kuala Lumpur escort. Just because an escort is beautiful and has a sexy body does not mean you will enjoy the experience more than with an escort who looks like the girl-next-door. Let’s take a look at why such prostitutes provide a superior experience, and why you should book one now.

Average looking escorts typically have better attitudes. If you are looking to have an intellectual conversation with your companion, then you may want to consider this type of girl. These women are intelligent and their smartness makes them beautiful. A lot of expensive and stunning girls are not so smart, or they don’t come off like they are, at least. Moreover, mediocre escorts love to ask how your day went and will be open to chatting about your thoughts or feelings. These girls know they have competition with the amazingly beautiful ladies, so they tap into their brains to make up for their average beauty. Additionally, these girls have sweet personalities and are down-to-earth. Clients don’t have to feel like they need to put on a show for these women – they can be their true self.

Booking a session with an average looking escort means you do not have to worry about impressing her too much. She doesn’t care what car you drive or how much you paid for your suit – she wants the real you and for you to treat her right. These call girls don’t need to live a high-class lifestyle to entertain men who do. If clients drive fancy cars, take lavish vacations, and drink only the best liquor, these average prostitutes can do the same. Look at them like they are chameleons (not in their appearance, of course), but for their ability to adapt to any situation. These girls know they have to work hard to please their clients, even if that means enjoying the finer things in life like their clients do. So, don’t feel like you can’t invite these women to go on a trip to Bali or shop at Chanel – they will be down to do so. Hookers who are simple in appearance can be naughtier than the high-class and exotic beauties. Clients should view these escorts like they are the girl next door who has a closet full of fetishes. If you’re looking for a GFE or anal without condom, these companions are the ones who will be most likely to entertain it. Looking for a golden shower or bondage? Don’t forget to ask the escort girl.

The great thing about booking these kinds of escorts in Kuala Lumpur, is clients don’t have to feel like they need to tip huge or pay a fortune for a quickie. Typically, these girls charge less or don’t expect a hefty tip because they know they are not as stunning in appearance compared to their competition. That being said, don’t think that you can low-ball their prices or leave no tips. These escorts demand their fair prices because they know that while they are not the best looking out of the bunch, they have services that are mind-blowing and things their clients dream about doing with women but haven’t had the chance to yet. These women are not to be shy around, and will do whatever they can to make you feel sexy and comfortable. These women know they have to work hard to build an incredible and successful business. These women  may be college students working to pay off loans, or single moms earning money to raise their three kids. Never judge these women because they have amazing work ethics that are admirable. 

They know how to run a sex business and know what they need to do to establish themselves. Spending time to get to know one will open your eyes to how strong of a work ethic they have. Want an in call service or out call? She’ll do it. Want her to wear a special outfit you bought for her? Bring it with. When clients get together with luxurious prostitutes, sometimes they can feel dirty or out of their league. The whole situation can leave the client feeling like they did something regrettable or something they should not tell anyone. Prostitutes make the situation feel more natural, like you are hooking up with your attractive neighbor or a girl you’ve met at the coffee shop. These women do not look like hookers necessarily, and they bring a more real sexual experience. Having sex with these women is like having sex with a girlfriend. If clients are trying to keep their escort bookings on the down low from friends and family, spending time with a natural beauty is ideal. Don’t have to worry about being caught in public with your call girl because she does not stand out as a sex worker – no fake lips, tan, seductive outfit, or loud personality.

This is not to say that all high-class escorts look this way, but the majority of them do. Booking an escort girl in Kuala Lumpur is a great experience more clients should be open to trying. These women are hard-workers and their intelligence and work ethic make them desirable. Ditch the high prices and posh attitude of luxurious escorts and try a girl-next-door hooker who can give you an experience of a lifetime. You will ask yourself why you haven’t done this sooner. The next time you go to book an escort service, don’t skip over the mediocre beauties, they have a lot and more to offer than you think.