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Is Seeing An Escort Cheating?

Ask yourself, if your partner found out that you were seeing an escort for sex, how would she react? Typically, the most frequent answer is that your partner would be furious and feel completely betrayed. While this may be a common occurrence, the idea of seeing an escort in Malaysia has long been viewed as dirty. In reality, people who visit escort for sexual services, are most often seeking relief from their busy day or a great sexual experience.

Partners who find out their spouses have been seeing an escort forget to question how much effort they have put into the bedroom. Let’s take a look at reasons why the escort business is booming, and whether or not having sex with one of the beautiful girls is considered cheating. There is an estimated 16% of men in Kuala Lumpur who see escorts, and an estimated 40% of men in Spain who pay for sex with prostitutes. Looking at these numbers, it is obvious that sex trade workers are a desirable thing across the globe. But what is happening in the relationship for men to see escorts? Is the partner not doing something to fulfill the sexual needs of their loved one?

Kuala Lumpur Escorts Offer No Attachment Sex

Having sex with a stunningly beautiful and exotic looking escort from Kuala Lumpur and then getting to leave right after is a huge turn-on for most men. It does not require them to stay and chat with the girl (they can if they wish), and if they don’t feel like talking at all then they don’t have to. Men who see prostitutes over having sex with their wives or girlfriends do so to have a quick relief with a beautiful woman who makes every second count.

Malaysian Escorts Are Young and Beautiful

The harsh truth is, many men become unsatisfied with the way their wives look after childbirth and aging. This is a hard pill for women to swallow and sometimes it is out of control the way their body decides to look after so many years, their husbands wish to have sex with a young, fit or perfectly curvy escort. These female Malaysian escorts are hard to compete with, and they make their clients feel like they are young again themselves.

Clients Can Have Sex Whenever They Wish

Life gets crazy, especially when you add a family and stressful job to the mix. A husband and wife may find it difficult to make time for sex, or the desire may not be there for one of them. As a result, men find themselves inching away from the bedroom they share with their wife and moving closer to the idea of an escort. He can visit her on his way home from work, on the weekend when his family is rushing around to sports games, or even on his birthday. The escort is always there to fulfill his sexual urges and provide him with the release he needs to go back to his family and spend time with them. Does the man see it as cheating? No, he sees it as fulfilling his needs and then going home to love his family.

Is Seeing an Escort Cheating?

Most women who find out their husbands or boyfriends are cheating, would consider it to be cheating. Having sex with someone other than your spouse is difficult to imagine. However, there are men who believe this not to be true. The idea of being with a gorgeous escort in Kuala Lumpur is not to love them (that is for your spouse), but the desire for sex is so strong that men don’t know who else to go to. A prostitute provides that time for the client to get what he needs for a small fee and then he goes on his way – it is a service. This service is no different than getting your car serviced, hair done, or groceries delivered to your door. The service has fulfilled your need to have your hair looking better or your groceries conveniently brought to you instead of having to go to the grocery store. If we begin to view seeing escorts like this, then the stigma and dirtiness of the situation may dissipate.

Should Men Talk to Their Partners About Seeing an Escort?

Talking to one’s partner about the desire to see a call girl may surprisingly be taken with appreciation. Knowing your partner cares enough about your relationship to ask for your permission to see an escort does show a degree of care. There are many beautiful hookers who even have couple services, which can be a great way to spice up a bland sex life with your partner. If your wife gets to know the escort too, it may be easier for her to accept the situation. A study has shown that men have a stronger sex drive than women, and a woman’s sex drive is sensitive to the environment and context. Women go through various hormonal issues and bodily changes than men, so it is no wonder why these things can all create a less desire for sex. Allowing one’s husband or boyfriend to see a prostitute so that you are not forcing yourself to have sex with them may create an ideal balance in the relationship. Viewing having sex with escorts as cheating is a hard topic for many couples to digest.

After all, sexual intercourse with another person despite their career is still engaging in sex. For a lot of women, sex is something to be shared between a person they care about or something to be shared between two horny unattached people. The idea of sex as not cheating may change as we begin to understand the purpose and reasons behind it. In reality, hard-working family men or devoted husbands use escorts so that they can give their entire attention and energy to their spouse or family. The escort merely serves as a destressing tool to clear their mind and release the need for sex.