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On the surface, it seemed like James and Michelle were the perfect couple.  They were financially stable, and they were raising two beautiful children in an affluent neighborhood.  However, Michelle was dealing with a serious problem.  She was suffering from low self-esteem.  Michelle’s self-esteem issues developed after her third pregnancy.  She was not pleased with her appearance.  This is the primary reason why she avoided looking at herself in the mirror.

After delivering her third child, Michelle gained over 10 pounds.  It’s clear to see why she was unhappy with her looks.    Unfortunately, Michelle’s issues began to have a negative impact on her marriage. James knew something was wrong with his beloved wife, but he could not get her to open up.  Needless to say, this left him perplexed.     

Things continued to go downhill.  Michele’s sex drive began to decrease.  James, a man with a high sex drive, began to get frustrated.  Michelle’s concern for her marriage began to grow after she noticed they were spending less time with each other.  James began coming home late from the office.  According to James, the company acquired new accounts.  This forced him to work longer hours.

Michelle did not question his excuse.  She knew her husband had a demanding job.  When you are working for a high profile law office, these things can happen. Michelle accepted his reason for coming home late, but she knew her husband had an attractive brunette secretary working in the office.  Was James having an affair?  This was the question lingering in Michelle’s mind. 

Michelle knew James was a devoted husband and father.  However, she also knew her low sex drive could tempt James to have an affair with his secretary.  A low sex drive and a flirtatious secretary could spell disaster for their marriage.  

Michelle decided to surprise James at work.  She wanted to take him to his favorite restaurant for lunch.  When she walked through the door, she saw Geoff’s secretary wearing a short skirt and high heels.  Jane knew she was attractive, but she felt that her husband was enjoying the eye candy in the office. 

Geoff’s secretary was polite and professional, but she had the hot looks of an escort girl. How can anyone turn down the opportunity to gaze at a 23 year-old brunette with curves and large breasts? Michelle reached out to her best friend.  She knew Gloria would give her sound advice. It’s imperative to point out that Michelle used to be an escort girl.  She never told anyone because she felt people would look down on her.  Unfortunately, many people have a false impression of Kuala Lumpur escorts.

KL escorts have a sensual side that turns men on.  They may be on the freaky side, but this does not mean that they don’t have respect for themselves.  Michelle and Gloria had a long conversation.  Gloria was disappointed that Michelle did not disclose her past, but this did not stop Janet from caring about her best friend. 

Gloria said, “Michelle, you need a makeover.”  Michelle agreed.  Michelle knew she had to make an earnest effort to save her marriage. 

Gloria convinced Michelle to join the gym.  Losing weight would help improve Michelle’s self-esteem.  Gloria, a master of sexual seduction, told Michelle that she would teach her how to seduce James.  Gloria gave Michelle a stern warning.  She told her that the seduction techniques were wild and raunchy.  Gloria had years of experience with seducing men.  Back in the day, she used to be an escort girl in Malaysia.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that an escort girl was more than qualified to teach sensual seduction techniques to her best friend. 

Michelle’s new journey began several days later.  She started hitting the gym.  Over a course of several weeks, she managed to lose 12 kilos.  It was a struggle, but Michelle stayed focused.  Her determination, patience, and faith prevailed.  She did not want her husband to develop an interest in pursuing KL escorts. 

Michelle wanted to give James a special treat for his birthday.  She wanted to give him an escort girl experience. 

After going to the hair salon, Michelle picked up a few things from the sex shop.  The escort girl went home and prepared herself for an exciting night. 

When James walked through the door, his mouth dropped to the floor.  Michelle was wearing a red bra, red thongs, and high heels. James was stunned to see his wife standing there with a whip in her hand.  She walked over to him and gave him a friendly lash across his bottom. Michelle dropped to her knees.  She pulled his zipper down.  After Michelle pulled his hard cock out, she began to suck it. 

James smiled and moaned.  Michelle was ready to take things to another level.  She reached in her bag and grabbed the body oil. 

The escort girl poured the body oil on Geoff’s throbbing cock.  In the back of Michelle’s mind, she was performing like an escort girl.  She was making sure that her husband would be pleased with the session. Michelle placed her husband’s stiff cock between her hands.  She jacked his throbbing pole hard.  James leaned back and began to scream.  He knew that an orgasm was about to take place. 

James could not hold back any longer.  He shot a hot load into Michelle’s warm mouth. James did not know that a former escort girl was responsible for his exceptional birthday present.  Yes, a former escort girl from Kuala Lumpur helped with adding sparks to his marriage.  Fortunately for Michelle, she managed to turn her marriage around within six weeks.