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Morning Coffee With the best Kuala Lumpur escort girl

Jake utterly enjoyed life in Kuala Lumpur. High profile business development executive job, great pay, beautiful apartment – the years of hard work he had put into getting his prestigious economics degree were now paying off handsomely. The place offered everything– fabulous city landscape, culinary delicacies and of course the charming Kuala Lumpur escorts. Jake didn’t know too much about this side of the city life, but often saw many of his colleagues bringing pretty escort girls in Kuala Lumpur to some less formal business dinners. Jake lived on his own as his girlfriend was working in another city in Malaysia.  He was faithful to her, but secretly envied his workmates from the bottom of his heart. He couldn’t touch, he told himself, but at least he could look. And looked he did! Every time he clapped his eyes on one of those delicious escort girls, he felt his heart racing.

And, he was really taken by the sight of his young neighbour. This gorgeous Russian woman who lived in the flat two floors down from his really intrigued him! The escort girl was tall and blue-eyed, and her long hair tumbled down her shoulders in rich brown tresses. She usually wore luxurious long coat hugging her figure tightly. Jake often met her on the landing in front of her flat, and they exchanged brief pleasantries. Once her coat opened seductively and Jake managed to get glimpse of her outrageously sexy underwear – sheer black lace, creamy skin underneath. His glance darted to her face and their eyes locked quickly. The woman’s cherry-red lips curled slyly in a knowing smile, and then the moment passed.

Jake noticed she had many visitors. There seemed to be a busy traffic in and out of her flat, mainly smartly dressed guys, all with the air of wealthy men about town.

One evening Jake was getting home after a boozy dinner with his workmates. He’d  had a few drinks and felt tipsy and horny as hell. He was on the stairs opposite the woman’s flat when the door suddenly flung wide open. His neighbour stood on the doorframe dressed in a skimpy black dress, her hair loose, her eyes gleaming.  She was seeing off one of her visitors and as the man was disappearing down the stairs, her eyes met Jake’s stare. Emboldened by the drink, this time Jake did not avert his gaze.

The woman smiled and gestured him in, and Jake followed her inside as if in a trance. Once they were in, she introduced herself. Her name was Sara. The escort girl spoke in a low soft voice, with deep foreign accent that made every word sound erotic. “Jake” – she said his name, opening her scarlet lips ever so slightly, “well Jake, you have been a naughty, pervy boy. Every time we meet you are eye-fucking me!”. Jake felt heat rising from his chest. His face flushed and his cock hardened. The woman pushed him towards the bedroom, and he followed obediently. There she stood in front of him, statuesque in her sky-high heels, then with one fluid move she slipped out of her dress to reveal leather corset underneath. The corset was tight, a supple black layer clinging to her body. Jake looked around – the room was packed with bondage gear – fetish clothing, masks, restraints. A vague thought appeared in his clouded mind: Was she one of those KL escorts he was lusting after? Suddenly a whip appeared in Sara’s hands, and made a soft hissing sound when she twirled it in front of Jake’s widened eyes. “You need some training, boy” – Sara said sternly in her super sensual accent. She pushed him down to his knees and offered him one of her sexy high-heel shoes, bringing it to his mouth. Jake obediently licked the tip, his heart thumping in excitement. Sara squeezed her tits and moaned. The escort pushed him on the bed and handcuffed him, then pulled his pants down.

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Jake felt his blood pulsating in his temples. His cock was rock hard, aching to be stroked.  Sara opened a huge tub of thick lotion. She started rubbing it on his cock with nice firm touch, clasping the shaft and stroking him hard and fast. Jake could not move his hands, but his hips surged up as she caressed and pulled his engorged cock. He moaned loudly in pleasure. Sara, her tits half squeezed out of the corset, was smearing the slippery lotion all over his cock with one hand, cupping his heavy balls with the other. Jake could not hold any longer. He groaned, and ejaculated, emptying huge amount of jizz all over Sara’s tits. She spread on her skin and then cleaned his cock, carefully mopping up every drop of cum with her tongue and lips. Jake felt blissfully used up. He got up and stumbled out, exchanging some barely coherent words with Sara. Then he staggered to his flat and fell into a deep contented slumber.

He was woken by the arrival of his girlfriend who’d decided to pay him an early morning visit. Jake led her in, still woozy-headed. He offered her a cup of coffee, but noticed he was out of milk. His girlfriend offered to get some from the nearby shop, and he accepted, grateful to get more time alone to collect his thoughts. He was waiting for the coffee machine to warm up when suddenly there was a knock on the door. It was Sara. Jake felt his face burning in embarrassment. “How’s the naughty boy this morning?” asked Sara with a cunning smile on her cherry lips. Jake mumbled something about his girlfriend, but before he could explain, the call girl appeared on the stairs and stared at both him and Sara.

“Did Jake tell you how bad hie was last night” Sara enquired. “I had to discipline him a little”. “Please” - Jake’s voice was trailing. “I can explain”.  Sara and his girlfriend exchanged long knowing looks, then smiled. They unbuttoned their coats and faced Jake. Both were wearing tiny lace-up PVC dresses. The black wet-look vinyl seductively enfolded their bodies, revealing plenty of Sara’s white creamy skin and his girlfriend golden tan. They both undressed him and made him lie on the bad,

Sara produced a tub full of lotion and started massaging his cock while his girlfriend caressed his balls. Jake felt weak from pleasure. Both girls were stroking him and his cock and hardened in their hands. They played with it, licked it, rubbed it all over their tits until it got rock solid, thick, and ready to explode. Jake’s girlfriend suddenly whispered: “There was no milk in the shop, so you have to give us some for the coffee”. The call girl poured some coffee in a cup and brought to cup to Jake’s throbbing cock.  Sara put more oil on it and rubbed it vigorously with her soft adept hands.  Jake could not think at all. He moaned and ejaculated straight in the cup - spurts of cum – his own brand of milk and cream for his own personal escorts in Malaysia this morning. A wave of pleasure swamped his whole body and made him shudder.

Then he sat quietly between the girls. The three of them smoked without saying much. Sara was starting a new job in an agency for high-class Kuala Lumpur escorts. She left, smiling. His girlfriend asked him about the night before, but Jake still was in a dream-like place and did not feel like talking. He just thought the world had gone mad. And he didn’t mind that at all.